photo by  michelle  +  chris  gerard

march 2023

hello flower friends,
i have made a big decision. after celebrating 1 year of retail in the fisher building in december 2018, i did some serious thinking. i got into business because i love plants and flowers—but my daily life running a business is so far from the creative work that lead me into horticulture over 20 years ago. i rarely experience the passion i felt when i founded pot + box 12 years ago. i want to give my creativity and passion the oxygen it needs to live. 

i’m closing pot + box as it exists. i want to pursue the big, crazy art installations that are inside me, buried under the to-do lists and daily tasks that managing a small business demands of me.

i will miss my clever staff of past and present—katherine especially, with me for 11 of my 12 years in business—all the tireless local flower farmers, the fisher building family that i enjoy so much, and the wholesalers and vendors i’ve worked with for years and years. 

i am so thankful to have spent a year in detroit’s iconic fisher building. and i’m equally thankful to have partnered with the building owners, the platform, who i believe to be thoughtful developers in this growing city—and believed in me to be a part of their vision. 

last, but not least, i want to express my immense gratitude i feel for every client that trusted us to represent them in flowers—it’s unfathomable how many lives we’ve decorated. 

so friends, as you read this, raise a glass or a cup of coffee to the successful life of pot + box.

thank you for reading, and for supporting me as p+b for 12 years! i never imagined we wouldn’t be as one, but i’m curious to experience life as a participant, taking my first steps out from behind the design table.